Fried chicken y’all

I spent the past 3 days lovingly making fried chicken for the first time.

I spent days researching recipes (mainly on Serious Eats) and in the end followed a combination of steps from some classic southern fried chicken recipes.

The seasoning was amazing, they wings were succulent and moist, but the crumb didn’t adhere as well as I’d have liked.

Additional troubleshooting reading has led me to believe that an intermediate step between dunking in the buttermilk and flour and the frying step is required to help with the adhesion. Apparently the milk/flour should be left to sit on the chicken for up to an hour before (possibly another dunking/flour round and then) frying.

I’m determined to nail this recipe because there are very few things in the world that I love as much as fried chicken.

Golden and delicious

Fry time


Drying overnight

Bathing in buttermilk


  1. Soak chicken overnight in a buttermilk bath. Add cloves of garlic, half an onion, salt, pepper, tabasco, sweet paprika and other spices to taste. (I don’t have access to buttermilk, so used 2 cups regular milk with 2 tablespoons white vinegar)
  2. Remove pieces from buttermilk, pat dry and then dry chicken pieces overnight on a rack, in the fridge (I’m not certain this step is necessary)
  3. Make a ‘dunk’ of flour, adding salt, pepper, hot paprika and any other spices
  4. Bring chicken pieces to room temperature and heat oil
  5. Dunk chicken back in buttermilk mixture and then coat with the flour (I’ve since learned that it’s best to let the coated chicken rest for 15mins+ to let the flour stick to the chicken)
  6. Shallow fry chicken - oil should not be too hot, so the crust doesn’t burn, leaving the inside raw. Check chicken with knife to check juices run clear
  7. Keep cooked chicken warm in the oven whilst you fry remaining pieces